How to take anyone in the “game”

imagesWhen the subject is depressed, near suicide, then the “game” can start.

First it start by hypnosis the subject, the GHB is helpfull at this point. Then under hypnosis it is necessary to order him to not talk about his to anyone, and to make him believe that the organisation will destroy him if he talk of what happening to him to anyone. Also we need to make him believe that nobody will believe this anyway.
Then let’s print in his brain to come back in hypnosis with some code, and to not remember what happened during the session.
Then it is possible to give him little drug before the end of the hypnosis session, so after the session he will think he is ill, because too much work for example. The day after he will wonder what happened but without understanding

Then we have a subject which can come back in hypnosis any time and he will not talk about this to anyone
So it is possible to work on him during hypnosis session. It is better if the company for which he work for is involved, so the sessions can occur at work

Having some ghb in the coffee before the sessions is helpfull  and help  to do the session daily, the subject will not consciencously know perfectly what is happening to him. He will be instructed to forget everything.

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  1. Sean
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 6:25 am | Permalink

    Studies have shown that Ghb can be deadly. Although it can be used as an anti-depressant, its lesser side effects, such as giving the user the desire to touch other people, can create major problems in both work and social environments.

  2. khurram Shahzad
    Posted October 26, 2013 at 5:10 pm | Permalink

    Nice thoughts as hypnosis is the best way to start doing mind washing with someone because it is a deep and delicate distortion of human brain.

  3. Erin
    Posted November 4, 2013 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Brain Washing Through Hypnosis: How to Get Through To Anyone
    An easy way to brain wash someone is through hypnosis. Hypnosis occurs when you gain control of a subject’s mind and use that control to change his or her way of thinking and acting. Generally, hypnosis works best if your subject is already of a weak mind. These weaknesses include, being depressed, suicidal, stressed, or otherwise suggestible. Performing brain washing hypnosis on a subject that is easily persuaded to do things already will work the best, because your subject is easier to manipulate. You can hypnotize your subject under the guise of meditation, guided imagery, or some sort of spiritual ritual.
    The key to brain washing through hypnosis is to bypass the rational part of the mind and delve into the subconscious. The subconscious mind is where thoughts and actions are readily accepted, so you do not have to persuade the subject to accept them as true or not. While your subject is under hypnosis you can imprint virtually anything you want onto your subject without resistance.
    Another important aspect of brain washing through hypnosis is to make sure your subject does not talk about it afterward. Many people are still skeptical of brain washing and hypnosis, but there are still plenty of people who believe in these techniques. Whether or not your subject believes is not relevant, but you do not want this person to talk about their session to others. To accomplish this, make sure you stress the importance of secrecy to your subject while he is under hypnosis. Tell him nobody will believe him if he speaks of it, and that if he does bad things will happen to him. It is important to stress this while his brain is readily accepting information without questioning it. To enhance the experience, you can put a mild drug or sedative in the subject’s beverage so he will think he is ill. After his session, he will blame any weird thoughts on the drug and not your session.
    Try and make the hypnosis sessions occur in a place familiar to your subject, such as a work environment. The subject’s familiarity with the area you are conducting the session allows for you to more easily access the mind. If the subject is in a foreign environment, the brain becomes automatically suspicious and it takes longer for you to get the subject to relax and accept your influence.
    Depending on what you are trying to get your subject to do, your session length and frequency will vary. Some subjects need daily sessions, and some weekly. By instructing your subject to forget what his happening to him, you can conduct multiple sessions without having any issues. Remember that the key to success with brainwashing through hypnosis is consistency. You have to deliver the same message until the brain accepts it as fact and your subject will eventually believe it completely.
    Brain washing through hypnosis is a technique that can work on anybody if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen. Remember to conduct your sessions in a familiar environment, instruct your subject to keep the sessions a secret, and administer a minor drug, if necessary. When using these techniques, anybody can be brainwashed to think and do what you want them to.

  4. Tanmoy Saha
    Posted November 11, 2013 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Hypnosis through eye-fixing

    You can find multiple ways to hypnotize a person. It is through many years of studies and researches scientists invented these methods.
    There are more ways that hypnosis is defined among time. The first definition of hypnosis was the perception of it as a nervous sleep, defined as opposed to a normal sleep, and as having at its origins the initiation of a routine of notion or mental meditation. It is as in reverie or spontaneous abstraction; the powers of the mind are so engrossed with single idea or thought as nuncio to the individual consciously or unconsciously indifferent to all other ideas, impressions and reflections. Hypnotic sleep symbolizes a converse or opposite mental and physical state that head and come with common sleeps.
    A new description of hypnosis, consequent from university psychology was invented in 2005. It was when the Society for Psychological Hypnosis, published the following definition: hypnotic induction consists in a comprehensive initial to use his imagination suggestion, and may also contain introduction of elaborations. A hypnotic process is worn to hearten and assess responses to proposals. When trying hypnosis, a person is on control by another to suggestions for modification in subjective practice, alterations in discernment, feel, feeling, response, thought or actions.
    You can discover self – hypnosis that is the act of managing hypnotic procedures on your own. Many believe that hypnotic responses and understanding are attributing of a hypnotic condition. While some believe it is not necessary using the word “hypnosis” in the hypnotic sleep, others see it as essential.
    There are many different techniques for induction of hypnosis. It is an influential method were eye – fixing. The method is quite easy – you have to take any bright object flanked by the thumb and the manifestation, and middle fingers of the left hand, and hold it about eight six inches of the eyes, as a front position; it can be essential to produce the strain as possible on the eyes and eyelids, and allows the patient to preserve a stable watch at the item. The individual supposed to be hypnotized, should be made to keep the eyes on the object, spirit and focus on the idea of an object. It should be noted that due to the consensual regulation of the eyeball, students will be the first agreement: they will soon begin to grow, and thus to a considerable extent, and it is assumed a curly motion when the front and middle finger of the right hand are slightly expanded and carried separately from the object to the eye, most likely close the eyelids unwillingly, with a vibratory movement. On the other hand if the patient cannot move his eyes, wanting to start again by him to appreciate that he has to close the eyelids when the fingers are again worn on the eyes, but that the eyeballs must be in the same position held. In general, you will find that the eyelids shut with a vibratory action, or become sporadically closed.

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