Invisible BrainWashing – Subliminal invisible speech voice

original (1)When the subject is under hypnosis it is possible to order him to not “hear” some specific sounds, even after he is out of hypnotic sleep
When he will hear the sound , his consciousness will not be aware of at all.

It is required to record a speech, then to modify the record a lot with some electronic device to make the voice look like a waterfall
The voice must be dificult to understand , without attention it look like a waterfall.
Then under hypnosis the subject will be ordered to never hear at all all sounds like this.

Then the speech record is played later, while the subject is doing work for example. The speech words will be perceived at some inconscious level, but not at the consciousness level. The speech record must be played daily

Then the subject will start having sometimes some ideas similar to the speech records he was listening, but he will think the ideas come from him
He will start slowly going in a new direction without ever noticing someone is manipulating him.

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  1. khurram Shahzad
    Posted October 26, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    You are right. Invisible Subliminals can be used quite easily to change the thinking patterns of a person which leads to a changed behavior because brain only understands these invisible messages subconsciously.

  2. Erin
    Posted November 4, 2013 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

    Brain Washing and Keywords: How to Change Behavior With Speech
    Every person responds differently to certain words or phrases. This is likely because they have associated these words with emotions or experiences that provoke emotions in them. Through brain washing, you are able to change the way a person reacts to a word by artificially altering their emotional response.
    Get your subject under hypnosis. Then, introduce the keyword or phrase you are wanting your subject to have an emotional attachment to. The key is to tell your subject’s subconscious mind that this word causes them to feel happy, sad, or whatever emotion you are wanting them to feel. Be as descriptive as possible. Instead of just saying, “you feel happy”, describe the subject’s reaction to the word and allow that to facilitate the emotional connection. You must remember that the key to changing emotion, and ultimately behavior, is to appeal to the subconscious, because that is where thoughts and actions are readily accepted by the brain as thought without challenge. Repetition is key here, as the subject must be able to know the word and the intended reaction without a doubt.
    Suggest to the subject that the word makes them feel something other than your intended emotion. See if your subject, while under hypnosis, protests these feelings. If you have successfully brain washed your subject, that person’s response will be to deny feeling any other way than how you have trained him to feel. Do this only after your subject has successfully submitted to the emotional changes and you are able to invoke them during the subject’s waking hours.
    While your subject is awake and conscious, test out your keyword or phrase and see the person’s response. During your first few attempts, it is alright to emphasize the word, or to say it out of context so your subject hears it clearly. This will ensure that the mind is making those logical connections you have planted subconsciously. However, after several more sessions with your subject, you are able to incorporate your keyword or phrase into casual conversation. Because there is a context for it, your subject will not register anything out of the ordinary, but they will respond with the appropriate emotional reaction you have programmed. Then, you must make sure it works with other individuals that are not part of your hypnosis or sessions. Have other people converse with your subject and casually mention the keyword or phrase. If your hypnosis is successful, your subject will have the appropriate emotional response without you even being present. Your subject will not know why he is feeling that way, he will only be able to respond the way you have taught him.
    As with all brain washing hypnosis sessions, make sure to reiterate to your subject the importance of secrecy. You want to maintain that his emotional reactions are normal, and that it is not out of the ordinary for him to feel the way he does. Be sure to suggest his feelings to him, so his subconscious will be able to incorporate these emotions organically. If you are too forceful you risk the logical brain interfering and rejecting the subject’s reactions.

  3. Posted November 6, 2013 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    Explanation of Subliminal Brainwashing

    This is perhaps one of the most difficult brainwashing systems that can be used on a prospective superman. But the thing with this is that as difficult as it is, it gives the best result when well used. I see it as difficult because it takes a lot of time to bring it to purposeful conclusion and it entails that you must have the subject with you many of the time. Now, a proper explanation of what subliminal brainwashing is will help you understand what I am saying. Subliminal means that information that comes out very faint to your conscious mind to the extent that it is ignored. But while the conscious mind is ignoring them, the subconscious captures and stores them and continues to repeat them to you from time to time. Now, the conscious mind will choose to ignore this information when it comes, due to the fact that it is too faint. It will always go for the loud and clear ones, leaving this for the subconscious to record. The effect of this information is made possible because of the fact that the subconscious is completely illogical. Because of this, it swallows information without any questions, and acts its commands out with time.
    The most important benefit of the subliminal is to make some changes to your subconscious. It is the subconscious that guides people’s conscious actions, and when these changes are made, they become active changes in the people’s physical actions. But for subliminal brainwashing to be effective, the person has to be told these things with high emotional impact and with enough repetition. When this is done, even if the subconscious goes into argument or loggerheads with the conscious, the subconscious will always come out successful. The effects of the subliminals are exactly the same as hypnosis. Now, the modern day subliminal brainwashing is mostly achieved by the use of special sound tones. These tones involve alpha frequencies and their theta counterparts intertwined with some carefully chosen affirmations. When this is fed to your ear, it will on the long run change the way you think and make it to conform to what you have been fed through these sounds.
    Now, when it comes to the society at large, we experience a lot of subliminal adverts, being used to manipulate people and get them to patronize particular goods and services. It is the same way that people are brainwashed and made to abandon their life beliefs, all in the process of making them super humans. A little history of subliminal messages indicates that it started gaining popularity in 1957 when it was used by one market researcher named James Vicary to achieve great increase in the sales of Coca-Cola and popcorn within few days. He did this by flashing a message that read, “Hungry? Eat popcorn,” “Thirsty? Drink coca cola on the screen after every 5 seconds. This type of brainwashing is not time restricted. This is because even when you are asleep, these subliminal messages are given to you as faint as they may be. Whenever you wake up, you will recall them exactly the way they came, and with time, you will start acting out the dictates of the message.

  4. Tanmoy Saha
    Posted November 10, 2013 at 9:27 am | Permalink

    Discovering brain washing

    What is brainwashing? As explained, it is the process by which another party deliberately manipulates the behavior, attitudes and perceptions of another party through ‘reforms’ in order to get a desired response. It is called brainwashing as it affects your mental faculties. You must note that when someone is being brainwashed, it is done with a bit of subtlety so that the person believes it is their own decision to do what they are doing. It is never done directly as this will be noticed by the person being brainwashed and with the people that are around that person. The process can take months to years depending on the methods being applied and at times there is some force or coercion involved so that the subject responds as intended.
    To avoid brainwashing and to protect yourself from brainwashing, you must be aware that it can happen to anyone. Every person is susceptible to a bit of mental influences so being aware that you can actually become a victim is one step towards avoiding being brainwashed. You must always be aware at all times of the people around you and how they react to situations, and how they used to react to situations. It might not be believable, but the media can be a very effective tool for brainwashing. They have their methodologies in the ways they are able to manipulate the masses by directly targeting a part of you that is most receptive. That being said, you should be on the lookout as they are experts in using words to get the desired effect.
    You should at all times avoid being coerced into believe that something that isn’t actually is. We are all aware that when you see something and you believe in it, you do not need any person telling you otherwise. If you find that someone or an organization or even a community is trying to bring you into some hype, then you should be wary. If what they are saying is true, you should have noticed so for yourself.
    If you find yourself being scared into doing something that you wouldn’t have done before, be very wary. If you find yourself feeling scared and having to act in some expected way, then someone is working really hard to brainwash you. This method is usually very effective because when you are scared, you become more susceptible to suggestions. You must avoid feeling intimidated by any person to do anything. There are so many routes that you can take to achieve something. Anybody who is scaring you is trying to brainwashing you into believing into something that you shouldn’t in the first place.
    When you realize that people always have an agenda, no matter how good it is, you will be able to protect yourself from brainwashing. There is no such thing as ‘a survey…’ People have different opinions; you shouldn’t compromise your beliefs in order to satisfy someone. That is one of the most effective ways of brainwashing someone, making them want to associate with some survey.

  5. Erin
    Posted November 11, 2013 at 3:27 pm | Permalink

    Verbal Brain Washing: How to Prevent it
    A brain washer will often try to use keywords or phrases to brain wash you. They will attach emotions and actions to these words and make you feel like you will encounter certain things or emotions due to these words. Luckily, if you are aware of what they are doing, you are able to prevent yourself from being brain washed through keywords.
    Beware of repetition. A brain washer will often repeat the same word or phrase to you to make sure you know and remember it. If it is something that you do not normally think about or associate any emotions with, be wary, as they may be trying to create a false association in your mind. Take the time to think about what the word or phrase actually means, and be stubborn in your rejection of what the brain washer wants you to believe. If you reject their beliefs outright, your brain will accept your feelings as a fact and that is something your brain washer will be unable to change.
    Also be wary of excessive questioning. Brain washers will ask you a series of questions to get your opinion on something, so they can take that opinion and change it. Many people do not realize that a brain washer has to know you, and know how you feel about something, to change it in your subconscious mind. Think of it as a type of “eraser” and you cannot change something until you have “erased” what is already there. If a person seems to be asking you questions that are not related to one another, questions that make no sense, or questions that deal with your emotions on a very specific subject, it is best to end the conversation before that person can get more information.
    Many of these conversations offer a lot of different choices. Your brain washer will suggest to you certain feelings or actions that you would not come up with otherwise. This means that they are trying to discreetly change your emotions and response without you knowing. Often, these conversations have many different choices that all lead back to one singular idea that the brain washer is trying to promote. If the brain washer is using a strong emotional pull to get you to agree, look at the issue from a neutral perspective. Think about why that word or phrase would make you feel a certain way, and convince yourself that it would not if you think you are being brain washed.
    Brain washing through keyword or phrases is the most common way to brain wash another person. While it is the most common way of doing so, there are ways to prevent it from getting to you if you are aware of it. By acting defensively in conversations you are uncomfortable with, you will be able to prevent a brain washer from getting in your mind and making you do thinks you are not comfortable with. Remember to keep your mind sharp in all situations, because anybody could be a brain washer.

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