Invisible BrainWashing – Send the subconscious to a direction

528144e8b2fca_thumb900Repeating thousand time a speech, giving new ideas to someone is not enough to make someone change

Our decisions are guided by our subconscious not our conscious brain.
To make someone taking a decision differently, it is necessary to change his subconscious brain, not his “logical” brain

The potatoes example :
If someone do not like potatoes it is not because his body do not like, it is because when he tasted potatoes for the first time something bad was happenning (very bad news for example, bad situation, etc…) – then this preference is stored as a “knowledge” and will maybe never change.
So to make him like potatoes again it is possible under hypnosis to make him feel very weel , then make him eating some little potatoes. repeat 10 times. Then he will start like potatoes because he will remember to feel well while eating potatoes. So he may think it is eating potatoes wich make him feeling well. So he will think potatoes are good for him. Later if someone ask him to try , he may try and then he will remember what he learned 10 times, so he will fell well, then he will change his “knowledge” about potatoes.

A strong method to give subconscious “preferences” :
if we want to change an opinion about something , then stronger stimuli is sex.
If the subject is very confident with the hypnotiser, it is possible to make him feeling an orgasm “on order”.
First it is necessary to make him confortable feeling orgasms.
Then it is possible to associate feeling an orgasm with some phrase/words.
The word can be the name of someone, a company name, anything simple.
Later at a conscious level he will not remember the orgasm, but when he will think/hear the words he will think it is a very very good thing at subconscious level, and will act in consequence

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  1. Sammy
    Posted October 26, 2013 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

    It is possible to purposefully direct your subconscious mind’s creation by insuring carefully that your thoughts are wholly consistent in terms of what you want to achieve in your life. Strengthening this response with mere motivation and preferences is what makes the process of hypnosis an effective one. Is subconscious reprogramming good for the person undergoing it??

  2. Erin
    Posted November 4, 2013 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    Brain Washing and the Subconscious Brain: Changing a Subject’s Thoughts
    As much as 90 percent of the population can be brain washed. This means that if you are trying to change someone’s thoughts and beliefs, you are more than likely capable of doing so by changing their subconscious thoughts. Decisions are guided by the subconscious, where the mind readily accepts information. However, repeating something over and over again to someone is not enough to change a person’s behavior. While you must change a person’s thoughts, you must also move those thoughts to actions by directing the subconscious. The best way to do this is to add emotions to actions so your subject associates the two together.
    Take for example a subject that does not like green beans. He hates the way they taste and they make him feel ill after he consumes them. In order to brain wash him, you must appeal to his subconscious, as his logical brain will still contest that they are disgusting no matter how many times you repeat to him that they are not. Because he sees this as fact, you must hypnotize him. Hypnotize your subject and get into his subconscious. Make him feel positive emotions by suggesting that they are so, because your subject is easily manipulated during this state. Then, you make your subject eat green beans, reiterating that they are delicious and make your subject feel good. Then, your subject associates these positive emotions with the food in his subconscious. Because you have altered the subconscious, the logical part of the brain now accepts this new “fact” and does not contest it. Thus, your subject now finds green beans enjoyable, and you have successfully altered a behavior.
    This technique can be applied to much more than just eating food. You can change someone’s preferences for nearly anything, as well as what they view as acceptable and routine behavior. You can even induce an orgasm in a subject by teaching the subconscious brain to associate sexual arousal and release with certain words that then become ingrained in the logical part of the brain.
    To successfully accomplish this, you must be prepared to spend a good amount of time with your subject under hypnosis. Brain washing someone to change their habits is as task that takes time, and the amount of time it will take depends on your subject. If you are using external stimuli, such as green beans or another object, be sure to introduce that object to your subject early on in the sessions so he becomes comfortable with it. Allow him to get to know the object before you reveal its intended purpose, so the subconscious part of the mind becomes familiar with it. Anything that is familiar to the subconscious mind will automatically establish trust, which in turn makes your manipulation that much easier.
    Remember to be patient with your subject as you attempt to brain wash the subconscious mind. By associating positive emotions with certain actions and suggesting that your subject perform these actions, you are able to change behaviors permanently and effortlessly, without your subject’s protest, but it does take time. Remember to suggest to your subject that he perform a specific action. Do not ever tell your subject to do something, because then he will not see it as his own free will, he will think he is being controlled. Stick to the effective brain washing techniques and you will succeed with ease.

  3. Posted November 6, 2013 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    How to protect yourself from mind control brainwashing

    Nobody brainwashes people in the open. All these are done behind closed doors, and the truth still remains that most of the brainwashing that takes place is done when you have put yourself in a state of intoxication or when you are under the influence of something. This will immediately give them the room to attack you, and when this is done, you will immediately be susceptible to their attacks, because you are not in the right frame of mind.
    The fist thing you have to do is to avoid being behind closed doors with people you do not trust. You have to avoid any physical contact and even breathing together with a stranger in a secluded place. The worse comes with drinks, drugs and foods. So, it will be very appropriate for you to avoid eating, drinking and smoking of any sort in a secluded place with people you do not know. Whenever this is done, there is very big chance you will easily fall prey to these influencers. This is because whenever you allow yourself to be in a place where there is the possibility of somebody influencing your body in a private setting; you will wake up and find yourself thinking in a different way altogether from your friends and relatives and seeing them as being very bad.
    So, whenever anybody comes to you and tells you that he can make you go into a trance and see things that happened to you in the past or to help you see your dead loved ones, you have to object to this, because there is not stereotyped direction for this. He or she might take you into some other things that will change your life permanently. There might be occasions where people want to lead you away from your family members, relatives or friends into a private environment with them alone. You must avoid this if you know that you might not be strong enough to withstand them. But why you need to avoid it completely is that this is not done by force. Even when you are separated from them, the subconscious effects of the events and speeches might still haunt you.
    The next way of avoiding this is openness. This is because of the fact that most of the brainwashing is done through cryptic mind games that instills fear in you. So, whenever you are with people who threaten some aspect of your life, and make you feel some frightened, just open up to the people around you and seek for help.
    Other methods of brainwashing includes situations where they take an inventory of the good things that happens to you, or the things you like so much and starts associating themselves with these good things. With this, they portray themselves as being so good while others are bad. You just have to ignore this when it comes to you. Protecting yourself from being controlled mentally involves knowing the techniques used and avoiding them.

  4. Tanmoy Saha
    Posted November 10, 2013 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    Brainwashing through your subconscious

    Did you know that it’s easy to be brainwashed using your subconscious? Your subconscious, who is supposed to be your best friend and alert you of any impending doom or trouble, can be used against you and you will never find out. So it begs the question, how do you shield yourself from your own self? This might seem like a very stupid and confusing question but if you don’t want to be brainwashed, you have to take heed and pay attention.
    The reason why your subconscious is being targeted is because you never pay attention to it. When you are going through your daily activities, you happen to see things or hear things that you don’t remember but which your subconscious remembers. Ever wondered why someone looked so familiar or where you might have just heard that particular song? It’s your subconscious taking in information and keeping it in, hidden deep within you. The brainwashers know this very well and that is why they target it, it is so easy to manipulate and once they have control over it, you become their puppet.
    Fear not as all has not been lost. There are ways to protect your subconscious from betraying you. The simplest most effective ways is to train yourself and your subconscious from believing in that load of crap of something will do this, a situation will make you feel… and the like. A very good firm that is in advertising knows how to use this to get their products sold, why do you think so? They are directly making your subconscious believe and afterwards, it will whisper to you their lies and you are hooked. Try to avoid these messages at all cost. You will only ruin yourself. It doesn’t mean that the advertising agency is out to get you. It is merely an example of how they trick your mind.
    Do you know that when you get this feeling deep down that there is danger or that you shouldn’t do something, you should actually listen? Though susceptible, our subconscious also takes steps to protect you using that feeling in the gut. Learn to ignore it and you are just one puppet waiting to be activated. It’s that simple. Pay attention to your instincts, it is always right. If you manage to become so attuned with your subconscious, you will be able to tap into your subconscious ands sense all the dangers. This step is very crucial when you want to protect yourself.
    Your subconscious will not warn you about people or situations alone, it will also warn you against food and drinks. Have you ever just about drank something then thought better of it? Felt a bit uneasy and then decided against it? The drugs that brainwashers use are usually put into drinks until you are in some receptive mental state. You have to let your subconscious protect you. And if you notice that you are doing things that you wouldn’t otherwise do, be very wary. Something could be up.

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