Invisible BrainWashing – Invisible speech

originalIf two people talk at the same time and at the same level, it is possible to hear only one if we decide to focus on, then we do not hear the second person at all. But the brain will still hear perfectly both persons. The words can still be recognised by incouscious brains, not the complew sentences wich involve conscious levels to be undrerstood.
But recognising words are suficient here to brainwash

It is necessary to associate the keywords before, for example during an hypnosis session.

When our subject is speaking to someone else, for example in a restaurant, we can sit at a table near from him, then when they are talking together we can phone and say sometimes the keywords in our conversation.

This will make the subject feeling in relation to what he have associate with the keyword, also this will modify his conversation direction without he can be aware why

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  1. Cvrckica
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    Many subliminal speeches affect our brain and mind and have the impact on the way we behave and react in the ways we could never imagine.

  2. Cvrckica
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 12:45 pm | Permalink

    Many subliminal speeches affect our brain and mind and have the impact on the way we behave and react in the ways we could never imagine.

  3. Ihionu Augustine U
    Posted November 6, 2013 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    Behaviors that will help you to detect when your brother is being brainwashed

    When we talk about protecting yourself from being brainwashed or even turned into a superman without your consent, you can only run away when you notice the attempt. But, whenever you have been brainwashed to a certain level, it beholds on the people around you to save you if you will ever be saved. This is the reason why people should be educated on the behavior patterns that signals brainwashing. Whenever you notice these things in the behavior of a friend, brother, sister, or any relative, you should know that he or she is being brainwashed or has been brainwashed.
    The first thing to look out for is changes in behavior. They change their attitude towards their relatives in general. This is because they are controlled absolutely by their bosses and one of the instructions includes not telling anybody what they have been told. The next thing that will tell you that your relative is being brainwashed is whenever they throw genuine care, support, help and interest to the wind, and replace this with extreme indifference to all and sundry. They develop sarcastic and extra calm attitude, and even become so cynical to people around them. These points to people that are undergoing some level of brainwashing and when you notice this, you have to move into action before they move away from the fold completely.
    Other changes that signal brainwashing includes situations where any of your relatives becomes so strong that he or she can now live without sleep for many days and yet this will not have any negative effect on their health and well being, or when they do not sleep but pretend to sleep. Other things you need to watch out for are when they develop very strong physical endurance to any situation that arises. They get more focused, with great concentration and coordination.
    Now, having mentioned all these, you will see that these attributes might not be easy to dictate. But due to the sensual nature of women, they can fish out brainwashed relatives as easily as possible. Whenever this is noticed, action should be taken. These include medical and doctrinal actions. There is also one attribute of brainwashed people that gives them away easily. This is the issue of emotions. The number one thing about them is that they lose all forms of emotion. Whenever you notice that emotional happenings around does not have any emotional touch on any of your relatives as it used to do, just know he is being brainwashed. This is why when they eventually get back to their normal senses; they will always break into tears and uncontrollable sobbing. Brainwashed people are confused, they normally have the desire to exercise and get stronger. Other things include addiction to smoking, alcohol and coffee. They find it difficult to stand erect or take the correct posture. All these when noticed must be tackled on time before it becomes late. You should look out for these, especially when your relative is absent for a long time and comes back with these behaviors.

  4. Tanmoy Saha
    Posted November 10, 2013 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    Protecting yourself from brainwashing
    Brainwashing has been existence since long and it will continue to wreck confusion and at times havoc in our community if we do not know how to protect ourselves. Brainwashing is very real and it can happen to just about anyone out there. Protecting yourself from brainwashing is one step to even protecting your community and the world as a whole from psychopaths who want things to go their way or else. There are very small essential steps that you can take to ensure that you do not fall in the brainwashed category. These steps are usually very basic but can be the difference between you living your own life and living someone else’s life.
    You should constantly be mindful of the methods people use to get you to do something or believe something. If you find yourself believing that for you to live a certain way, you have to have a certain something, then you are already brainwashed or heading there very fast. You do not have to eat some way just to show you are rich. That is simply nonsense that people are fed in order to believe. Be very careful of those hidden messages, those subconscious messages that are being sent to you.
    If you are in the behavior of following people around like some lost puppy, then you are in real trouble. You are very easy to influence meaning that brainwashing you is as easy as the ABCs. You should avoid following some idea blindly or following some ideal blindly as if you do not have a brain to think. Remember that brainwashing is a very subtle process and does not happen immediately. It takes time and before you know it, you will just be a puppet waiting to be manipulated. It has never been and will never be a crime not to know about something. It is ok to be in the dark at times though this is no excuse for being downright stupid. This means that you should never ever let yourself to be swayed by someone else’s opinions. There is something that is called research; do it. Get facts for yourself then make your own decisions instead of following people blindly.
    You will notice that it does not take a lot to brainwashing anyone and so you must always be on the alert. There is thing that everybody has an unfortunately that most of us ignore, it is called your 6th sense. This sense is inherently in you. It’s more of a subconscious thing. If you are getting red alerts, then why are you doing something? If you notice that somebody has abruptly started acting odd, you should do something about it. You could save yourself from being somebody’s puppet. Sometimes it’s even in what you want to eat, it could be drugged with some drug to brainwash you. Always follow your instincts.
    If you are into the behavior of letting a group think for you as if you are mentally incapacitated, stop it. That is how brainwashing starts. Making you think like you are part of something. Be real and be yourself.

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