Invisible BrainWashing – Close doors

Close the door mean : Prevent the subconscious to think about/to want something

When it is necessary to force the subject to not think about something, this is what we call : close the door

To make someone taking a decision differently, it is necessary to change his subconscious brain, not his “logical” brain
The conscious brain is following the inconscious brain
Under hypnosys let the subject experience some fear while talking about what he must avoid to think
Repeating this 10 times
Then when the subject will start to think about his, he will switch automatically to think about something else. He will avoid this automaticcaly.

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    Knowledge of brainwashing techniques helps you to avoid it

    There are different types of brainwashing in different fields. Now, the truth is that when these things happen, you will never know about them if you do not have prior information on how brainwashing works. You might be thinking that you are just getting the normal thing from friends, groups or circles, but these are in essence meant to channel your behaviors and beliefs to particular formats meant to achieve some goals.
    The secret cults mostly make use of control to do this. This will involve strict milieu control. Here, they quarantine non members or the larger society from their surroundings and make it an absolute reserve of the members. Other things they use includes things like confession, purity, languages that are different from that of the society, euphemism and tagging of their ideologies as a sacred science. Now, many people join these in search of the truth, and they make them feel guilty about wrongdoings, paving the way for brainwashing. Avoid this.
    The next is the Stimoceiver, which was invented by Jose Delgado. Here, a device is used by an individual to transmit information to the other. The electronic device is implanted in the brain of the subject, while another person holds the device from the outside and transmits different electronic signals to the brain of the subject through the device. This will create some physical sensations in the person and even alter his or her mental state. This will give the exploiters the chance to control both physical and mental movements and actions of the subjects. When this is used in humans, it brings about some feelings of fear, deep concentration, pleasure and even floating to the subjects. Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes is that it makes men and women feel the urge to have sex more than when they are in their normal states. This means that whenever you are being pushed towards such implantation, you have to avoid such because it will completely change your personality towards something else.
    Another one is the use of sleep induction. Yes, this is perhaps the one that has given the world the highest result ever. It involves the use of sleep induction to instill some messages into the brain of the subject, only for these messages to be delivered to the person who has the right code to understand the messages, even without the spy knowing what he has done. It involves the splitting of the personality of 1 man into two, without him knowing about such. This was effectively used by the US during the Second World War.
    Now, the simple truth about it all is that these things cannot be controlled when started, or you cannot stop it if you have been programmed. The only thing to do is to stay away from possible brainwashing situations. Of course nobody tells you that they want to program you to be a killer, a superman or to have the strength to have sex with 1000 women per day. You are given these attributes through different tricks and in the name of other things. What you need to do is to be wise enough to suspect when such moves are being made, and know how to avoid such.

  2. Tanmoy Saha
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    Subliminal audio message

    TV marketable, ads in weekly and bookstores endorse hidden tapes that promise to lead to dramatic improvements in mental health and psychology. These devices should be able to more side effects, including weight loss, breast swelling, improve sexual function, and relief of constipation. These effects though be not yet proven and have quite weak base.
    Subliminal Tapes represent a change of the visual representation with auditory subliminal stimulation. Nowadays, scientific evidence for the use of the bands self – help supports as poor as was the documentation of the effects of advertising 30 years ago. Advocates seem to assume that the effects of subliminal way are as good as another. Allegations regarding the use of subliminal tapes are essentially applications subliminal perception of speech, a phenomenon for which there is very little evidence. The main problem is to the fact that the minority studies that have shown the effects of subconscious speech the results are pretty uninteresting.
    There are many similarities between subliminal images and subliminal sounds, though the effects can oscillate, and the procedure for subliminal audio is defined with relative accuracy. Not destroying or altering the target stimulus is simply the term mask time available to collect previous destination. Without a mask, the lens is easily recognizable. In game auditory target signal is attenuated, and further reduced in volume by overlapping other material. Many subliminal messages are accelerated and compressed to such an extent, that the message is incomprehensible, even if supraliminal. This is an extraordinary claim that a speech signal undetectable attacks the nervous system and is perceived, consciously or automatically. Signal detection is a prerequisite implicit in most theories of speech perception.
    The so said subliminal speech which is perceived unconsciously seems to question some basic principles of sensory physiology, such as the nature of the signal that reaches the basilar membrane or on what basis it is assumed that the smaller of the two signals is discovered and understood. The band also has a conceptual justification for the alleged questionable their therapeutic effect.
    There are concealed post embedded in the workplace. You will not be able to hear them consciously. To take control, it is necessary to unconsciously speak in a language he understands, the so called subliminal talk.
    Despite the lack of empirical support, there is little or no theoretical cause to anticipate therapeutic effects of these stimuli. Explanation is to provide mechanisms is not systemic or unconscious process is logically necessary that the effects occur. Since there is no independent evidence for the perception of unconscious, it is not surprising that at hand is no proof of effects attributable.
    The trouble of evidence for the viability of the following resources is endorsing their use. There is no evidence, and the possibility of health care hoax could be raised. These strips can be set to sell as much as $400 and more worrying is that legitimate forms of treatment can cost, and still the possessions would often delay to show, or might be provoked by other treatments or even Placebo effect.

  3. Erin
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    Brain Washing and Isolation
    In order to avoid brain washing, you must avoid certain situations that leave you vulnerable to subtle manipulations. These are common situations in which a brain washer will isolate you and take you under hypnosis. To avoid brain washing, these situations should be avoided at all costs.
    Sex is a big motivator in brain washing. Your brain washer takes your mind and associates an orgasm or sexual pleasure with a certain image. Because he is able to access the subconscious brain, the mind will accept whatever he wants to plant without question. This means that your brain can be manipulated through brain washing to see sexual gratification in things or events that are not normally arousing, thus causing a change in behavior.
    You will have to avoid situations where sex or sexual stimuli are present. This means to stay away from bars and strip clubs where women are naked and sexually objectified. Even at parties or social gatherings, people tend to be scantily clad, so you would do best to avoid going to those places unless you are prepared for the potential threat of brain washing. Sex is one of the most powerful motivators, so you would do well to arm your mind against it.
    Your brain washer will try to get you alone so he can work on you. This is absolutely essential, as your brain washer needs to access the brain without outside stimuli. Make sure you stay away from situations that would isolate you at parties or social events. Even at work, stay in a group of people. Although some skilled manipulators are able to brain wash people in groups, it is highly unlikely and not as effective as it would be if you were alone.
    Situations where you might be cornered include, going to the bathroom, leaving to do drugs, or having a private conversation. Because you do not know who may be trying to brain wash you, it is best to avoid being alone with people in social situations. Sometimes, a person will try to get close to the subject before they try to engage them in brain washing, so be wary of someone you do not know very well that seems overly friendly. The mind is less resistant if it can readily trust and accept the person speaking as a familiar voice, so do not trust someone you do not know very well.
    These social situations also come with food and drinks usually, so it is important to avoid those at all costs. A brain washer will drug your food or drink and will get you to be tired and more susceptible to potential brain washing.
    By being cautious in social situations, you can easily prevent brain washing from occurring. Be sure to know what you are looking for in a brain washer, and what the symptoms of being brain washed are. Sometimes, you will even encounter a brain washed person attempting to perform the same manipulation on you, but if you are aware in all situations, it is possible to avoid it.

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