Building superhuman – Why ?

images (2)There is a few superhuman, lets say one for one million for example.
They have specific skills in one domain, for example music, physics, leadership, selling, mathematics, football, managing, etc…

Is it necessary to demonstrate the importance of theses people for a government, a company, a team…. example : a top singer can make billions in a few years for all the world benefit, a top manager can raise a company to the top world company, make billions and great products for all the world, etc….
The importance of having this people make the difference in a globalized competition world

This superhuman appear naturally randomly, but they are very rare. Some psychologist have studied the superhuman and searched the origins of this extraordinary skills, and they found them.
Then some others psychologist have studied how to raise the skills artificially and they found some way to do it.

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    Why super humans are created

    It will be good for us to first of all define what super humans are. There has been a regular attempt by man to reduce the limitations that the human being comes to life with, while increasing the better attributes. The act of trying to temporarily or permanently alter or overcome those human limitations either through natural or artificial means or by the use technology or any other means either to select or alter the characteristics of human beings is called human enhancement. All human enhancements are meant to bring about super humans.
    On many occasions, when we talk about the super humans and their attributes, it seems as if we are exaggerating a lot of things. But the simple truth remains that there are many different reasons why the world is drifting to the creation of both artificial and natural super humans. These sets of men are created so that they will serve some benefits to the society and the governments of the day. But, the debate is whether these advantages are ones that are people oriented or whether they serve the selfish interests of a few. If these are for the benefit of the society, they will as well not be too bad. But if the number that experiences this are just humanly tampered for the interest of the few men in power, then it is a problem that needs to be solved.
    The core benefits of creating super humans include the fact that they posses more intelligence, wisdom, physical abilities, strength, speed, and health than the average human beings. These enhancements are meant to help in the solution of everyday problems. Some are hypnotized to become physical workaholics who derive joy in doing nothing else than working, and they do not get tired easily. Some are made to be so intuitive that they can detect crimes committed in far away areas, and can even follow the human reasoning when doing investigations. Others are trained to have great intellectual and managerial abilities.
    Now, while these natural super humans are basically created for the purposes of intellectual, emotional, mental, organizational, innovative, managerial attributes, and many other super attributes, the artificial super humans have many other benefits that might not be found in the natural ones. These benefits will include the fact that they do posses a lung capacity that is very much enhanced, even to the extent that they can blow gale force winds. They are also endowed with an ability that allows them to accept and withstand serious degrees of injury for a very long time, without having their physical abilities affected by this. They are also endowed with the ability to carry on for many months without having the need for substances or meals or any form of sustenance. Other attributes of the artificial super humans include their sight and smell abilities that allow them to see and perceive from long distances. They are also made to travel long distances with great speed, as they do not get tired easily, and they also regenerate cells when yanked out.

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