Building superhuman – Who ?

When a rape give benefit to only one person it is unacceptable and condemnable.
When a rape benefit to whole country, then the government secretly approves and make it himself

For hundred years the knowledge was owned by some secret organizations, and finally it is now owned and developed by the governments.

Currently the government have a quota of one ‘volunteer’ for 10000 citizens


The volunter start to be leaded invisibility to failure in job and private life until he come into depression

Depression will be increased with a drug

Then the “Saving him” game can start


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  1. Erin
    Posted November 11, 2013 at 3:26 pm | Permalink

    Brain Washing and the Government: How to Protect Yourself
    The government has a secret department designed to create a “super human” through brain washing. Because this is such a problem, almost anybody is susceptible to the brain washing government officials are touting as a way to help people be better. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent this from becoming an issue.
    Do not buy in to verbal abuse. Many people will attempt to break you down and make you weak by telling you that you are less of a person if you do not believe in their ideals. Do not listen to condemning language like this, as this person is trying to break you down emotionally. One thing the government does when looking for someone to brain wash is to look for someone who is emotionally weak or depressed, as this person has a mind that is easier to manipulate. If the government cannot find somebody already who is weak and easy to brain wash, they will create someone by verbally abusing and harassing them.
    Be wary of anybody who tries to physically harass you. The government sends agents out to physically harass people to make it easier to brain wash them. They do this because people who are constantly physically harassed become desperate to prove themselves and they will do whatever it takes to make that happen. This is especially true with professional athletes. By physically attacking the person, their emotional state becomes weakened and more open to suggestion. If this happens to you or you suspect someone is trying to brain wash you, be sure to be aware of their intentions so your subconscious brain will not accept their efforts to change your beliefs.
    Anybody that displays symptoms of being brain washed is somebody for you to definitely avoid. Because you know brain washing is possible, you know many of the symptoms that people who are under mind control exhibit. These people will often adamantly deny that their minds have been tainted, and will give bizarre explanations as to why their opinions are their own. If these people are trying to impart their beliefs on you, do not believe that they are doing so for their own good. These people are subconsciously trying to brain wash you as well. The federal government takes these super human people and makes it so that they are able to brain wash others without knowledge of doing so.
    Above all, be careful when interacting with others. If somebody is being overly persuasive and is not willing to see the other side of any arguments, that person could be trying to brain wash you. Brain washing people to breed new “super humans” is something that has been in development for a long time, but is just now becoming public knowledge. Remember to know the signs of brain washing, and be able to identify a person who is under the mental influence of someone else. Use logical reasoning and facts when discussing anything with a brain washed person, and you can help them break the cycle of the government’s influence.

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