Building superhuman – How ?

All governements have now a department to create top manager, top artists, ministers, top scientists etc…

They call this ‘a game’ , “we are saving them!’


there is several points :

  •  To make more clever (scientists, ministers,managers) : depress the subject. Depression increase the motivation and increase the IQ.
  • To make more clever (scientists, ministers, managers) : make little paranoid for several years. To be paranoid stimulate vigilance. On long term the subject will be more aware.
  • More dominance, leadership (ministers, managers) - make him virtually sodomised for several years. feeling weak and sodomized will create in the subject a strong desir to be powerfull and dominant. This help to create strong leader
  •  More clever (scientists, ministers,managers) : give him ghb while he work under pressure. GHB like alcohol reduce capacity temporarly, then working under GHB is more dificult, the subject increase his efforts to compensate, on long term it increase subject capacity
  • More clever, dominance (Artists) can be reached by harrassing the subject
  • harrassing will push the subject limits
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  1. Cvrckica
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    It is so very interesting how our mind subjects to the influence of words, thoughts or acts and transformers itself into something powerful and strong.

  2. Cvrckica
    Posted October 25, 2013 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

    It is so very interesting how our mind subjects to the influence of words, thoughts or acts and transformers itself into something powerful and strong.

  3. Sammy
    Posted October 26, 2013 at 3:25 pm | Permalink

    Too much of dominance, harassment and continuous work pressure can sometimes lead to the subject becoming over depressed and stressed. Even it can meddle with their health issues. Work stress can make you depressed so take some time to relax.

  4. Erin
    Posted November 4, 2013 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    How the Government Builds A Superhuman
    The government has a secret department dedicated to creating superhumans. These are the top scientists, performers, managers, and other prominent individuals. They do this by brain washing and manipulating the subject so that they are altered into a superhuman state of mind. There are several reasons this is able to be done successfully.
    The subject is depressed. A depressed subject is naturally of a weak mind. Weak minded individuals are more open to suggestion, so you are able to tap into their subconscious thoughts and alter them to suit your needs. The subject should be depressed to the point of almost being suicidal, as they are then ready to accept your thoughts and the brain washing is more successful.
    To make your subject more intelligent, that is, for scientists and managers, you have to make them paranoid. They will become more alert to your efforts over time, as they will begin to learn about brain washing and mind control. You will need to make this person paranoid so their logical mind will not believe in the brain washing process but that their subconscious mind will accept anything you are trying to teach them. To keep them sharp, casually mention brain washing in conversation and see what their logical brain has to say.
    Make your subject feel very weak to promote dominance. Because you are making your subject feel inadequate and weak, the subject will seek ways to better himself and become dominant. You must emotionally abuse the subject by belittling and teasing the person so they will not only become depressed and easier to manipulate, they will try to become a dominant individual. This helps to create strong leaders because it will make the subject crave power and dominance over other people while still making them susceptible to brain washing.
    Mentally incapacitate your subject. This includes things like GHB or alcohol in their beverages. These drugs, when administered in small doses, challenge the brain’s concentration. If the brain cannot concentrate properly, the individual is required to overcompensate to be successful. This instills in your subject a strong desire to succeed and to be successful, while still overcompensating without being aware of why. If you are trying to increase your subject’s output and motivation, causing him to have difficulty concentrating will help.
    Harass your subject. Verbal and physical harassments are a way to motivate your subject to success. This is especially true with athletes and artists as they are involved in things that involve a lot of concentration and effort. Harassing your subject promotes them to take action in a dominant way and encourages success. You do not want to be brutal enough to discourage them, just enough to motivate to success.
    When building a superhuman remember that you must still practice brain washing so they will do the things you want them to do. Make sure the sessions you do with them are tailored to their individual purpose and that you are still instilling in them a sense of secrecy and urgency that they accomplish their set tasks.

  5. Posted November 6, 2013 at 12:16 am | Permalink

    How Guilt and negative acts are used to hypnotize or brainwash people

    When you consider the methods of brainwashing that is used to hypnotize and create the super humans, you have the use of things that will store up anger that will be used as a great energy in the future to achieve great things that normal balanced humans cannot achieve. Here, he mentioned things like sodomy that will abuse the kid and when he gets to know about the abuse, he will go ahead to do all things within his power to achieve greatness, and to fight those who did such to him. The article here is to support this with the concept of breaking down the self to achieve brainwashing and hypnosis.
    This process starts with the use of Assault on the person’s identity. This is achieved by trying to make the person to believe that he or she is not what he or she thinks he or she is. This might be by telling him that “you are not a man,” “you are not strong,” etc. Here, the target is attacked for a very long time. It can be for months, days, weeks, or even years, and this will get him to lose orientation and get confused. This will make him less solid and exhausted, thereby doubting his beliefs. This is meant to destroy his or her sense of self and all core beliefs.
    The next is by making him feel a sense of guilt. Here, they let you know that you are bad even when you are not. When this is repeated for a very long time, the truth is that you will start witnessing some sense of guilt. You will be told how bad you are and everything you do will be labeled a sin and blown out of proportion. This expression of how evil your beliefs are, or how slowly you work or how unintelligent you are will make you become ashamed of your person.
    The next is self betrayal. The truth is that when these attacks are reined on the person, the next thing is for the person to feel serious guilt. When you wallow in guilt, the next thing to do is to start blaming yourself and seeing yourself as being very wrong. With this, the next thing is to tell you to forget and denounce your family, peer group and even religious members, because they are as bad as you are, and you need to be better than them. See more at Whenever you buy this, you are getting to the breaking point.
    The next thing to follow here is a nervous breakdown. This breakdown is brought about when the fellow starts asking questions about who he is, what he is, where is coming from, where he is going to and what he is supposed to do. This breakdown can make you sob, cry, depressed and even lose some self sense. At this moment, the agents will set in and any direction they give you, you are likely to follow such.

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