Organizations That Protect Against Brainwashing

5279c084c71e6_thumb900Brainwashing has been in practice for centuries. Enemies have used it against each other, politicians have used it to gain votes and acceptance, manufacturers have used it to hawk their wares. No matter where a person turns they are being bombarded with mind control techniques. When does brainwashing  turn from simple persuasion to ultimate control over a person? That is simple, when the person or organization doing to brainwashing use it to completely alter a person’s mind to where there are not individual thoughts.


How are You Brainwashed

How can a person allow themselves to be brainwashed? There are many different ways that a person is brainwashed. The easiest is to separate the individual from all that is familiar and safe. The cults or sects will use this method as it ensures that the person becomes completely dependent the cult for all their basic needs and later on, their desires. The brain-washers will use lies, deceit, generalizations to gloss over the truth and exploitations to take control of their victims.


Who is Most Vulnerable to Brainwashing

People from every kind of background are susceptible to becoming brainwashed. There are all kinds of people whose educational levels vary as well as their careers who have fallen victim to mind control. Those who are the most likely to fall under the spell are those who are going through difficulties within their lives and are feeling vulnerable and insecure. Those who would be easiest to brainwash are recently divorced, widowed or lost a loved one, suffering from an illness, recently lost their job, or are away from home for the first time.


Protect Yourself from Brainwashing

People are able to protect themselves from becoming a brainwashing victim. First and foremost, stay educated and understand the issue completely from all sides. In other words, stay logical and do not be emotional when reviewing the entire issue. Always use discernment. This will allow for being selective and able to reason through the facts and falsehoods being presented. Always be a fact checker. Never rely on information being given as accurate. Do not be afraid to stand against the crowd. Sometimes, just because something is popular does not mean it is right.


How to Deprogram a Brainwashed Person

Positive reinforcement is a step toward deprogramming a person who has been brainwashed. A person’s self esteem is battered when they are brainwashed into a cult or sect. It takes building that person back up for them to feel they have the ability to think for themselves again. Encourage individualism through not just thoughts but also through dress and style. This will enable to person to start feeling like a unique individual again instead of a minion of a larger entity. Seek professional help from a clinical psychologist. Also, seek aid from organizations that have experience in dealing with brainwashed people.


Organizations to Help Brainwashed Victims
There are several groups and organizations that have become active in helping those who have suffered from being brainwashed. Below is a list of five resources for finding protection from brainwashing.


There are many more resources available for those seeking protection from brainwashing or have been fighting their way back to becoming an individual. These resources are a starting point and if they do not offer the right program, chances are great that they will be able to refer the appropriate organization or group.

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Organizations That Protect Against Brainwashing

528144e8b2fca_thumb900Brainwashing is the process of having the original thoughts and beliefs altered to fit the thoughts and beliefs of someone else. Brainwashing is also referred to as mind control. This is generally done in cults and prison camps where the one being brainwashed is kept isolated from all they know. Although, some political, social and religious sectors also perform forms of brainwashing.


There are organizations that are dedicated to protecting people from brainwashing. People may not view mind control as a problem needing entire organizations working toward protecting and reversing brainwashing.


Cult Awareness and Information Centre

The CAIC provides numerous resources about cults and other organizations that perform mind control. They offer information about how brainwashing occurs and the various techniques that are implemented. The CAIC links to former cult members and allows them the chance to relay their story to others, including how they were able to get out and deprogram their minds from being brainwashed.


International Cultic Studies Association

The ICSA is a an organization that reaches world-wide. The people involved in the ICSA are concerned about and dedicated to eliminating the brainwashing abuse in cults, alternative movements and other such areas known for mind controlling or mind altering practices. They offer education to those wanting to learn more about the effects of brainwashing. They also give aid to those who have suffered from mind control and need to re-program their minds to think independently again.


Free the Children of God
FREECOG was the first organization to stand up against cults and brainwashing. Their initial goal was to help those who were following the Children of God and subsequently having their minds controlled by the doctrine being taught. The success of the FREECOG gave other organizations the ability to become more active in protecting people against brainwashing by educating them.


Apologetics Index

Frequently asked questions can be found at Cult FAQ, they offer information regarding what cults are and they also offer counseling services for those who have been brainwashed. They also explain that a cult is also known as a sect and can be just as capable of mind controlling.


Centers for Studies on New Religions

CESNUR is a group of scholars dedicated to educating about the various cults that are considered to be dangerous in that they practice mind control. CESNUR will also direct those wishing to leave a sect to the right places and will offer aid in deprogramming the mind from the brainwashing received while within the sect.


While it is still considered to be taboo to speak openly of brainwashing, it is all around us. We are susceptible to persuasions and while our minds are not totally controlled by the things around us, we are never left untouched by the political speeches, church deacons, or news commentators. Serious brainwashing occurs when a person’s entire way of thinking is altered by a person or organization. The affected person’s mind is molded into what the brain-washer wants it to be.


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Organizations That Protect People from Hypnosis Abuse

Hypnosis therapy has become a mainstream form of treatment for people seeking to heal past traumas and to change behaviors. A therapist makes a safe environment in which the patient becomes receptive and vulnerable to suggestion. The stage is now set for positive behavior change to occur for the patient. But sometimes problems occur. The “Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy” ( and the blog, ( shed light on to the dark side of this profession. For instance, sometimes it isn’t planned or expected but a patient, in a open, receptive and vulnerable state can act out in sexual ways. Sometimes a therapist gives into temptation.


A good place to begin if a person were wanting to know more about how to end hypnosis abuse, which is also sometimes described as ritual abuse, they could go to one of the more encouraging and confidence giving organizations that is aptly called, “End Ritual Abuse” This is the website of Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D. who is committed to increasing public support for children and adult survivors of hypnosis abuse. The spirit of this website is “let the truth be known.” This site helps by providing support and offering reference information for other sources. People can speak out, speak up and share stories in the spirit of mutual support.


If someone wanted to know where to go to find out who sets the professional standards in the practice of hypnotherapy, and how does accreditation and training happen for hypnotherapists they could visit the website, “The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.” (  ) This site offers research into “Hypno-analytical Psychotherapeutic Intervention”, and includes twenty publications that describe different problems exhibited in therapy. And in order to understand the tent poles of this overall subject one needs to read what professionals have dubbed “The Greebaum Speech” ( by D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D. Hammond’s work helps to raise awareness on this subject, and in his speech Hammond puts the problem of hypnosis abuse in context by revealing the overall landscape of this profession for us.


At the furthest reaches on this subject comes the conspiracy aspect. Being brainwashed by the government is a mainstay in conspiracy world. It makes you think, right? One can control the nation if they could control the money supply–control the minds and control the markets. And we know people can be influenced to do the bidding of charismatic leaders. Could we also be influenced to buy things or do things by those who would cleverly imbed messages in our lives?  After all, we already are influenced to buy things we really don’t need through advertising. There is a school of thought that goes like this; a secret society seeking world dominion will set up orbital satellites that transmit messages to us from birth. The purpose is to brainwash the citizenry with posthypnotic suggestions that make the society act upon hearing just a few key trigger words. This is likened to computerized Trojan Horse Programs in computer viruses–effectively creating a ‘backdoor’ into a person’s mind from birth.


Further still, if you wanted a good technical overview of the purposes and tactics of coercive persuasion you can go to: There may be more information on this site than you want to know about how hypnosis abuse and mind control are done, but it is very interesting.

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Organizations That Protect People from Hypnosis Abuse

What is hypnosis abuse?


Hypnosis abuse, also referred to as ritual abuse is when someone has shaped another person’s beliefs and attitudes by some suggestive method or process without the person’s consent or knowledge. This includes all kinds of thought coercive persuasion techniques.


The very components that make hypnosis useful can sometimes cause problems. There is a dark side. The patient feels safe in the environment created for them by the therapist which allows them to become their most vulnerable and receptive. This is when they are most open to do and believe new things. And in those same environments there is the temptation on the part of the less scrupulous or the immature practitioner to take advantage of the patient. The “Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy” ( and the blog,  ( are good sources to gain insight to what happens in hypnotherapy sessions. You can read detailed accounts by professionals of what happens when hypnosis therapy causes trouble.


Looking into this subject leaves one somber and empathetic for the victims as well as for the professionals and family members who are trying to help. People in this field of endeavor are fighting for the survivors of hypnosis abuse through advocacy and by tending to the healing that needs to come for the victims. A grassroots organization called “End Ritual Abuse” ( is a very good source of assistance for survivors to find healing and psychotherapy access. End Ritual Abuse addresses subjects such as; calls for policy changes to increase protection for victims of ritual abuse, giving safety tips for survivors, steps for recognizing on-going abuse and how to break free from it, and lessons learned.


Lastly, there is a component of conspiracy theory associated with this subject on the fringes. It’s “Big Brother.” Whether or not there is some organized effort to control our minds by some secretive elite society who wants to control the world’s economic and political power, any reasonably intelligent person should consider it their duty to at least question what they think and what they believe. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, most of us think or believe that something is true, false, good, or bad based on the repetition of signals we receive through our many different signals devices–advertising. There is a web site called “The Revelation” ( where you can read on the subject of conspiracy to control our minds. Of course it’s wise not to accept or reject this type of information out of hand. Maybe much of this stuff is paranoia and fear based, but one cannot say for sure–right? Even if there is something to it, we are not powerless. On all matters we can listen to others, but we must always remember also to think for our selves. And if we ever find that we believe something that doesn’t really come from inside of us, then we can let it go. This we can do no matter that is in charge.

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Organisations with practice hypnosys to format/training their members

527fd8b27862d_thumb900The term “hypnosis” comes from the ancient Greek word Hypnos and means “sleep.” Hypnosis can be defined as a technique that induces relaxation of the conscious mind, opening a way to the subconscious and a greater receptivity to suggestion. There are two types of hypnosis: the heterohipnosis is the one in which a therapist induces a subject to the hypnotic trance, and self hypnosis is the induction to the hypnotic trance by the own individual.


For years hypnotherapy has been employed by psychologists and psychiatrists to treat phobias, addictions, stress, anxiety or organic dysfunctions. But recently hypnosis has gone beyond clinical therapy to be integrated into the companies with the aim of encouraging and improving the performance of employees and strategies. The new applications of this method include self empowerment, motivation, confidence, organizational team work, procrastination or finances, among many others.


Hypnotherapist use exercises that focuses on life empowerment and enrichment by altering consciousness and induce a hypnotic trance. Hypnosis can actually align the subconscious with one’s conscious intentions of awareness, fulfillment and success. The result can modify their physical and psychological responses.


Conversational hypnosis is based in the ericksonian method. This system consists of creating confusion in the conscious mind through the word in order to send indirect suggestions to the subconscious mind. In this way a seemingly normal conversation can induce a hypnotic trance.


The main purpose of the ericksonian hypnosis is to increase the influence and effectiveness of the departments of sales and campaigns. In the business field, this technique provides a capacity to develop a successful advertising campaign and influence negotiations with potential clients and competitors.


The most successful companies like Microsoft, McDonalds and Wal-Mart have used conversational hypnosis as part of their sales and market research programs. Others like Cadbury and Volvo include hypnosis in the training programme of their managers.


A controversial use of hypnosis by the U.S. Intelligence Agency has been reported in the media. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has perfected a method called “RHIC-EDOM.” RHIC means “Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control. EDOM is the abbreviation of “Electronic Dissolution of Memory. This set of techniques can induce a hypnotic trance from a distance, apply the desired suggestion and erase the memory of people and force them to act in the advisable way.


This system uses a variation of the “stimoceiver” applied to the brain of the individual.  But it also involves some kind of intramuscular implant that would be used to induce the post-hipnotical suggestion. The effect generated by the system “EDOM” causes the syndrome of “lost time”, a period of life in white, which is not saved in the memory. Some former agents of the American Agency describe the RHIC as an ultra-sophisticated application of post-hypnotically suggestion that can be fired by radio broadcast.


This is a recurring hypnotic state, which can be automatically re-induced by the same radio control system. The individual can be subjected to hypnosis through the use of narco-hipnosis in different ways. Then he is programmed by radio to perform certain tasks and maintain certain attitudes.”




Sources and references:


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Organizations That Protect People from Harassments

The Civil Rights Act in the early 60′s helped usher in growth toward more human rights for all. Our collective awareness has advanced enough to bring to the light of day the different forms of harassment that people have been subject to for many decades and without any support or recourse for justice. But now people can access helpful information about harassment issues from organizations that care about people.


One of the most notable organizations that has influenced change, and that offers support to women is “The National Organization for Women” (NOW) founded in 1966. A quick look at their site will undoubtedly make you feel invited to inquire about how to find equality in the workplace, schools, the justice system, and any other sector of society in which sexual discrimination is a problem.


Harassment is not always black and white. Some forms are of course obvious but many people are made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace and they don’t know what to do. If you think this is you, know that there are many places you can go for help and clarity. For instance, a Canadian organization called “” ( is a great source of assistance. Groups like these want you to know that you are not alone, and that there are many forms of assistance and support.


Legal rights are also often a concern on this topic and there are many organizations that allow you easy access to helpful information. “Public Entity Risk Institute” (,com_bookmarks/Itemid,44/catid,22/navstart,0/task,detail/mode,0/id,729/search,*/), and Brayton Purcell ( If you have legal questions but don’t know where to go or who to call, simply check out a few of these sites and you’ll more than likely find one that makes it easy for you to ask your questions. Another good approach to getting support that some people prefer is to take an on-line course. One organization called “DHHS Workplace Harassment Training”  ( offers a simple course structure to learn about important harassment related basics.


“Electronic harassment” is one fairly new type of harassment that is being talked about more these days. This direct or indirect physical influence on a person’s mind or body. It usually takes the form of having an illegally installed electronic listening device that aids someone in invading your person or property, intending to gather your personal and private information to cause harm. The most common listening devices are covert hidden pinhole cameras, ultra tiny microphones and transmitters. The most invasive form of electronic harassment is an electronic implant. It’s a tiny device that consists of transmitters, ESF generators, micro-neurophonic transceivers, and tracking devices and it’s put into the body just under the skin. How it gets there must be a whole story in and of itself. And these devices are powered by bodily fluids that are capable of transmitting a kind of cyber-subliminal messaging–signals to our mind. A good source for information about this subject is an organization called “Advanced Electronic Security Co.” that is dedicated to helping protect people from electronic harassment;


Lastly, a parting acknowledgment to human ingenuity. One woman who was concerned about electronic harassment did some research and discovered that an old school transistor radio, the kind you’d hardly ever see anymore except at a dollar store, can help you detect if someone is listening or transmitting into your electronic environment. If you set the radio to a blank AM station, and then move it in close proximity to the suspected electronic device the radio will make a noticeable sound indicating that someone may have inserted either a listening or transmitting device. Interesting isn’t it. Let’s hope you never have to use one.



527fd8b27862d_thumb900It is sometimes said that the arc of justice swings wide, but it does come around eventually. Clearly there is much more work to do, but in the last decades we’ve seen major advances in human rights globally. Many people have fought hard to end many forms of harassment, the unfair treatment of women to name one of the more familiar forms. “The National Organization for Women” (NOW) founded in 1966 (, is the largest organization for feminist activities in the United States with 500,000 contributing members. With five hundred and fifty chapters this organization continues to take action to help women find equality in the workplace, schools, the justice system, and any other sector of society in which sexual discrimination and harassment is a problem.


We can take heart that as our awareness about the threatening or disturbing behavior that comes with harassment increases, so do our chances to live in a world that has more dignity, tolerance and care for all. There are more ways now for people to be protected from the various forms of harassment. People have been speaking up for decades, and eventually they were, and still are being heard. We are finally finding our way to overcome harassments in the workplace, and to reduce psychological, racial, religious, sexual, police, bullying, verbal and physical types of harassments.


People now have access to help, and for those who are not sure if they are being harassed, there are organizations that can help. There is an organization just right for you. For instance, a Canadian based on-line group called “” ( can help with questions about possible harassment activity. This and other similar organizations can help people become more educated about their civil rights, and the sites offer forums in which a person can participate in conversations about harassment.

Similarly, there are on-line organizations that specialize in giving usable legal advice for people dealing with harassment issues. These organizations, such as the “Public Entity Risk Institute” (,com_bookmarks/Itemid,44/catid,22/navstart,0/task,detail/mode,0/id,729/search,*/), and Brayton Purcell ( have user friendly sites that make it easy to ask questions. Contact information and even toll free numbers are offered. And for people who like to use on-line courses there are organizations like “DHHS Workplace Harassment Training” ( that are an excellent source to learn about important harassment related basics using a lesson based approach.


So, we’ve begun to level the playing field to find equality, and there is a long way to go. The internet puts us in direct communication about many subjects with each other, all the time. If we can hold a collective focus on human rights in whatever ways we can, and if we don’t give up we may some day find the sanity that our planet needs–which can only come we when actually do have human rights for all.

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Organizations that employ Brain Washing Techniques and Mind Control – For better or for worse!

528119bc2141a_thumb900Brainwashing or mind control is the process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated” (Wikipedia). Such a process is normally psychologically based and uses various propaganda and/ or torture techniques (Wikipedia).


The phenomenon of brainwashing or mind control is believed by Margaret Singer to also describe a range of physiological phenomena. Singer used the example of conversions in new religious movements as a typical example of this physiological phenomenon (Wikipedia).


Indeed, it is believed that many organizations throughout history have used these techniques – ranging from dictatorships or utilitarian governments whose aim were  to subdue the populace, justify as well as legitimize their rule to religious movements which use such techniques to win converts and secure tithes or donations from their congregations. Let’s take a look at some of these organizations which are believed to employ such brain washing and mind control techniques.


To begin – according to Edward Hunter the Central Intelligence used “brainwashing” techniques during the Korean War as a means of propaganda. Hunter believed that for twenty odd years 1950s-1970s the CIA and the US Defense Department undertook secret research in order to develop practical brainwashing techniques. For more information on the CIA and Defense Department you can visit their websites at: (US Defense Department) and‎.


Indeed, brainwashing and various propaganda techniques are not unique to the Western World. As such, various extremist right wing regimes such as Hitler’s Nazi Party and the Old South African regime – more specifically the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Webblad(AWB) also used fear, coercion and mass propaganda to legitimize their rule, agenda and mode of operation. If you are interested in researching more about the AWB you can visit their website at:


Brainwashing or mind control techniques are also believed to be used in various religious movements. As such, some believe that the born again phenomenon found in new religious movements (NRMs) and the Christian Church which uses techniques of invoking guilt and fear in order to win converts is also an example of brainwashing. In this light – religious movements such as the Jehovah’s Witness Movement and the Church of Scientology can be viewed to employ these techniques (as well as many other radical cults of the modern day). Although this view may be controversial and might upset many – the act of conversion alone could be seen as a form of brainwashing – even if it does, often, have positive side effect. Indeed, perhaps, brainwashing is not always negative and there might be circumstances when an individual would benefit from such a conversion. If you are interested in ascertaining for yourself whether such institutions use brainwashing techniques and to what avail you can visit the Jehovah’s Witness site at: Lastly you can visit the Church of Scientology’s website at:


Information obtained online at:

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Organizations that use Hypnosis on their members or clients

Hypnosis can be defined as: “a special psychological state with certain physiological attributes, resembling sleep only superficially and marked by a functioning of the individual at a level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state” (Wikipedia). Recent research suggests that hypnosis might be more complicated than we previously believed and, whilst, some believe it is a certain mental state others believe it involves imaginative role-enactment (Wikipedia).


Hypnosis is believed by many to have several positive effects on the human psyche. As such people under a state of hypnosis are believed to be able to concentrate better and focus on specific thoughts and memories whilst blocking out noise or distractions (Wikipedia). Hypnosis is normally induced by a hypnotist. Such an action is known as hypnotic induction (Wikipedia). In such a case the hypnotist will bring on the state of hypnosis on their subject and give them a series of commands or suggestions which they (their subject) will follow.


Hypnosis is used in various therapeutic activities. Such activities usually fall under the umbrella term hypnotherapy. As such various psychologists and therapists in contemporary society practice this activity on their clients. As a result of this phenomenon you even get hypnotherapy or hypnosis clinics – that specialize in this activity. Three examples of such clinics are:

  • The Mayo clinic
  • The Free Hypnosis Clinic and
  • The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis


All three of these clinics stress the therapeutic value of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. What is interesting is that the Free Hypnosis Clinic is an online hypnotherapy clinic in which one can enter a state of hypnosis over the medium of the internet – allowing one to do so in the comfort of one’s own home. If you are interested in researching or examining any of these clinics you can visit the following websites, listed below:


Besides the use of hypnosis for therapeutic reasons, hypnosis is also used in many theatrical scenarios and therefore as a means of entertainment. In such cases hypnotists use the act of hypnosis on members of the audience, usually in a comedic fashion. Indeed, hypnosis can be a good form of entertainment – that is when it is done on someone else and induced by a trained professional hypnotist. If you are interested in researching, examining or participating in the use of hypnosis for theatrical or entertainment purposes then the following two sites might be of interest to you:



Both are good examples of hypnotism used in a theatrical and comedic manner. Remember though – one must be trained toughly in the art of hypnosis before they attempt to hypnotize others – whether for therapeutic, theatrical or comedic purposes.


Information obtained online from:

Hypnosis, Wikipedia –

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Hypnosis and Drugs

Medication and the hypnotic induction process

Hypnotherapy is the application of using the state of hypnosis to treating unwanted emotional and psychological conditions. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to take over from the conscious mind in a sleep like yet awoken state that the patient is more susceptible to suggestion. While hypnotherapy and hypnosis is fast becoming an viable alternative to anesthetic and other forms of medication there are still some times and applications when patience need to have a state of hypnosis induced but are resistant to hypnotic suggestion and induction. As such, there have been various medications developed or found to help induce hypnosis. Such medications are administered, although reluctantly normally, by physiatrists, licensed hypnotherapists, hospitals doctors and some hypnotherapy clinics.

These drugs are normally termed hypnotics, barbiturates and sedatives. In scenarios when patients suffer from extreme stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and other extreme psychological disorders as a result of a variety of different reasons licensed practitioners might use medication or drugs to help induce the hypnotic state.

Whilst it is extremely difficult to find clinics and organizations that overtly state that they administer drugs to help induce hypnosis on their patients for obvious ethical reasons the following organizations discuss the use of drugs or medication for hypnotic uses – or have developed hypnotic drugs for such uses:


Psychiatry Onlineis one such website or organization that discusses the use of medication in the process of hypnotic suggestion you can visit their site at:


The National Health System (UK) – they discuss the use of hypnotherapy in conjunction with medication for treatment of severe anxiety. You can visit the following link to find out more:


Norml - is an organisation that advocates the legalization of Cannabis or Marijuana. They argue that it has medicinal purposes and can help in the process of hypnotic induction. You can visit their website at:


Furthermore, the site describes the hypnotic medication called Amytal-Sodium in the process of hypnotic induction. You can visit the following link to find out more:


In addition to this the National Center for Biotechnology Information provides information on the use and effects of various hypnotic drugs that can aid hypnotic induction or suggestion. You can visit their site at:




original (1)There are various different methods of inducing hypnosis. As such hypnotists can use methods such as the postural sway technique to induce a state of hypnosis on their patients. The effectiveness of drugs in the induction of hypnosis is still under scrutiny but as it is believed that certain drugs act on the same part of the brain that hypnotic suggestion does. Furthermore, the following three facts are non-disputable when it comes to the use of drugs by hypnotizers or hypnotists in hypnosis:


  1. Drugs can increase waking suggestibility administered properly.
  2. It is very often easier to induce hypnosis after the administration of such drugs – and it can even make hypnosis possible with patients that it was previously impossible to do so with
  3. These same drugs produce similar effects or symptoms that hypnotic induction and suggestion do. (1)


As such in the earlier days many hypnotizers or hypnotists do use drugs such as cannabis and chloroform to induce the suggestible sleep like yet awaken state of hypnosis. These days hypnotists and the organizations they work for and represented shifted to using barbiturates instead to help induce the sleep like state of hypnosis. These proved themselves to be safer and more controllable for inducing hypnosis.

In this some of the earlier hypnosis experts, like Schilder recommended using a small dose of Medinal to induce hypnosis. To induce hypnosis quicker they used higher doses. Some hypnotists even used intravenous drugs such as Evipal Sodium during the countdown stage to aid the process of hypnotic induction (1).


Salvia and Truth Serum are also at times used to help induce hypnosis. As hypnosis is usually used as an alternative to medication it is difficult to find institutions that overtly combine the two but the CIA ( has believed to have experimented with LSD in attempts to control people’s minds and also experiment with hypnotic induction. The US Army is also rumored to have experimented with drugs to induce hypnotism and experiment with mind control (


Besides this the site New Scientist has found that alcohol which itself is a drug can also be used to help induce the state of hypnosis. You can visit their website at:…/alcohol-hypnosis.html‎.


More information about the use of drugs or medication both those that are legal and are illegal by hypnotists and in hypnotism can be found in the Medical Dictionary section of the Free Dictionary organisation at the following URL:; and the Forbiddenknowledge site:



There is a lot of speculation that the Illuminati (which existence can still be disputed) uses drugs to control people’s minds and induce hypnosis. This might, however, just be conjecture.

In summary hypnosis most hypnotists are reluctant to administer drugs such as barbiturates stimulants and hypnotics unless it is absolutely necessary. This is for a number of reasons but mainly because hypnosis is used as an alternative to medication so using medication or drugs in the process, it could be argued, is defeating the purpose of the action. Lastly, hypnosis is also used to help treat drug and alcohol dependence – for this reason too hypnotizers are quite reluctant to then administer normally habit forming medication in the process.


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Organizations Which Are Fighting Against Brainwashing Abuse

There are many organizations that have joined their hands to fight against the various brainwashing or mind control abuses that are taking place now and  they have even made many rules and regulations so that the cases of brainwashing abuses prevails  no more and organizations which do this are:


Marxistis fight against Brainwash

Here you can read and allocate the roots of Brainwashing to history, and how that heinous crime in history is even being committed today,  the fight that was laid several years back, is still continuing and can’t find an end. The world of Brainwashing abuses is expanding each day more on the Military organization just to benefit from them in a disgraceful manner.


National Hypnotherapy Society

This society rules over ending brainwashing abuses and making people realize about the importance of brain wash and hypnosis for the betterment of the society. The members who are a part of the National Hypnotherapy society, try to work against brainwashing abuses and even protect the people from such incidents too. They have highly qualified group of members that help you in the right decision making which is a must when it comes, to being a victim of brainwashing. They even serve their standards to the victim and help them heal from the brainwashing abuses.


Scientology Idle Orgs

This online portal, talks about how thousands of people at Portland had faced the problem of brainwashing abuses, in concern to Christianity. Therefore, this online site has made its point to protect everyone from brainwashing abuses with the help of the online articles and tools that are provided in relation with the brainwashing abuses. Here you can share your experience and reach out to the world so that someone else doesn’t become victimized as you were with brainwashing abuses.


National Council of Hypnotherapy    

This group even fortifies its space and reacts against the heinous brainwashing abuses that are being carried out today This UK based organization creates awareness and even devotes its firm for proving courses related to hypnotherapy and even making people realize why brainwashing abuses can be destructive. In this site you can find a chance to interact with various reputable members and even share your concern to them about brain washing abuses or the difficulties that you are facing related to the same. And the qualified members of the National Council of Hypnotherapy will reply to your matter with their experience.


Organizations Which Protect People From Brainwashing Abuses

With hypnosis witnessing a new horizon, the abuses that have been a part of hypnosis are even making their way and the common among them being Mind control or brainwashing. But fighting this out are a few organizations that protect people from the ill effects of brainwashing.


Fight against Coercive Tactics Network, Factnet

This is a nonprofit organization which was found by Lawrence Wollersheirn and Robert Penny . The main motto behind this site was to make people aware about how lethal and harmful brainwashing can be and at the same time keeping them protected from its clutches too.  This organization protects the people from brainwashing by educating them about the substantial personality effects that they lay upon us and how this can cause harmful disorders.  Coercive tactics here is referred to the unethical usage of brainwashing that brings down the integrity of any mind by controlling it.


American Family Association

Started in the late 1997, this nonprofit organization highlights every issue that a common American faces and even places certain strategies to protect them against that, and among these issues this association has even included mind control of brainwashing where families are affected at a higher point. The entire idea of this association is to promote the well being and solidarity among individuals rather than the urge of competitions that leads to self control on others giving birth to brain washing. They have brought up many noteworthy campaigns in USA just to let the people realize the essence of Christianity and how brainwashing when carried out for a negative purpose is considered as a sin in the followed religion.


National Guild of Hypnotists

This is a firm nonprofit organization that works for making people realize the importance of hypnosis and at the same time it even helps those who are being a part, of its ill effects like hypnosis abuse and brainwashing. At its official site, one can find a list of dedicated professionals who are there to guide you about hypnosis and even there to protect you, if you are being a part of any type of brainwashing abuses.


American Physiological association

Even known as APA this organization promotes a healthy physiological state of mind, and even helps the people to monitor out from brainwashing abuses that are being carried out today. In this portal, people can find help from the professionals, they can share their experiences, and they can meet the same people who have gone through the same experience as they have, thus, fighting strongly against brainwashing abuses.


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Organizations that provide trainings in the field of hypnosis

There are many organizations that provide trainings in the field of hypnosis and some even use drugs for hypnosis too rendered as clinical hypnosis and among these organizations are:


Central Texas Society of Clinical hypnosis  

This society manages to strive with an outline to begin hypnosis training through its detailed and structured courses. These courses are designed by professionals as mentioned in, who work for making each and every scholar to understand the depth that lies in the course. They have even integrated clinical hypnosis which brings up the usage of drugs for hypnotizing a patient. But, injecting any drug to the patient’s body can be lethal till you have made a good work with the course offered by them.


Mayo Clinic

This can be your one stop destination to understand about the various attributes that are involved in any course that is related to hypnosis. Here at Mayo clinic, everything works in a systematic process; there is place for those who need training in hypnosis, for those who want earn the qualification and want to be a member of this clinic and finally for those who want to work on their research work related to the studies of Hypnosis. Here you can find your answers related to hypnosis and even about the usage of drugs for hypnosis too, as this organization even brings up an upfront portal resembling the importance of Clinical hypnosis i.e. drugs for hypnosis.


National Board of Certified clinical hypnotherapists

This organization carries out the various courses and trainings that are required by any professional. The main concept of its site, is to be approachable to the people and at the same time turn up International standards when it comes to the training related to hypnosis. This site even provides information about the courses that are best suited for you and even how the covariance of drugs has boosted hypnosis. The value of this site is to provide a good and reputable medical standard in the field of hypnosis too.


The New England Society of Hypnosis

This organization has several licensed health professionals and is a nonprofit organization. It has promoted the usage of hypnosis for overcoming one’s self weakness and leading a meaningful life. Sometimes even depressions are real hard to work out and even anti depressant drugs fail to do the trick then is such cases the magic of hypnosis can be quite helpful to attain a healthy state of mind. The official site, tells a lot about this site.


North Eastern Mountain of clinical hypnosis  

It is a health oriented organization that serves to provide the best hypnosis training courses, and even the course involves the usage of drugs in hypnosis. The drugs that are used for hypnotizing any patient are mostly tranquilizing drugs that behave like neurotransmitters, and bring your mind to complete state of rest. The site, speaks how good and important hypnosis courses can be to become a good professional.


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Hypnotizers Which Are Using Drugs For Hypnosis

Hypnotizers Which Are Using Drugs For Hypnosis

A Hypnotizer might be portrayed as a manifestation of pill that puts somebody, be it an individual or a creature in a state of trance. Entrancing has been characterized as, “A mental state characterized by particular physiological qualities. It looks like mull over a shallow level with the essential contrast being that throughout spellbinding the distinct has a level of cognizance that contrasts from the normal cognizant or dozing state.” Although this definition catches our regular comprehension of mesmerizing, research has uncovered that entrancing is significantly more confused than this. Thus there have been various elective definitions.

The expression “entrancing” originates from the Greek word Hypnos, significance “rest.” Hypnotherapists utilize practices that realize profound unwinding. This brings about an adjusted state of cognizance which might be reputed to be a stupor. Somebody in a profoundly centered state is bizarrely receptive to a thought or picture. On the other hand, this does not imply that a trance inducer can control the individual’s personality and freedom of thought. Actually, mesmerizing can really instruct individuals how to ace their own states of consciousness. By completing so they can influence their own substantial capacities and mental reactions.


College of Maryland

The expression “spellbinding” hails from the Greek word hypnos, significance “rest.” Hypnotherapists utilize practices that realize profound unwinding and an adjusted state of cognizance, otherwise called a stupor. An individual in a profoundly centered state is uncommonly receptive to a thought or picture, however this does not imply that a hypnotherapist can control the individual’s personality and freedom of thought. Unexpectedly, mesmerizing can really instruct individuals how to ace their own particular states of consciousness. By finishing so they can influence their own particular real capacities and mental reactions.


Annette Ogbru PharmaD,

Trancelike and calming prescriptions (from now on alluded to as hypnotics) work, all in all, by expanding the action of gamma-aminobutyric harsh corrosive (Gaba), a neurotransmitter in the mind. Builds in Gaba movement in the cerebrum produce sluggishness and expedite or support rest.


University of Michigan

This university has attained the picture of promoting hypnotizers who have taken drugs as an alternative source to stimulate hypnosis. This organization even brings up the hypnotizers that work on amalgamating the benefits of hypnosis carried by drugs and this is well stipulated in their research work. According to their official site, it is hard to hypnotize a child without the prior usage of drugs; many take it as an impossible task too.


Fight IBS with hypnosis

Irritable bowel system is a common dilemma that one faces in daily life, and it almost becomes the struggle of your life when, you are unable to find a cure for it, but bringing that struggle to an end  is the IBS’s integration with hypnosis , here the method of hypnosis is utilized to dwell a healthy stomach and a healthy you. And without the usage of drugs this hypnotization will never be possible and hence even for the treatment of irritable bowels hypnotizers do require drugs.

Hypnosis is very common now a day. It is a way to manipulate the person’s mind. There are numerous hypnotisers in the whole world. Each and everyone have a capability to do hypnosis. Most of the time, people have a capability and talent to do hypnosis. However, some of them are studying and learn some guidelines on how to do hypnosis. For hypnotiser, this kind of mind controlling is very amusing, though it is dangerous to the victims. Currently, some of the bad people perform hypnosis to victim somebody which is very harmful and undesirable. Everyone should be aware of this kind of mental manipulating


How Hypnosis Is Very Important in the Field of Medicine?

The hypnotiser has a major role when it comes in medicines. They are fit and ideal to perform hypnosis to help other people. The hypnosis has different benefits in one person. It is tested and clinically proven. This is very useful when it comes to treating continual pain situation like arthritis, reducing and treating pain all through childbirth, lessening of the signs and symptoms of dementia and useful to cure signs of ADHD. Hypnosis has a vital role and importance in cancer patients. It is very useful to lessen cancer patients vomiting and nausea while undergoing chemotherapy.


Complication and Problems You May Encounter

If you are performing hypnosis, then you can face diverse complication and dangers. You must know this to take care yourself and handle the situation to avoid any complications. There are five groups of complication that you must know. First, you might experience acute panic or psychotic sign attacks. Second, there is a possibility that you will encounter undesirable behavior and depression that might harm yourself. Third, there are a substation signs. Forth, hypnotiser may experience signs outcome from unintentional recommendations. And last but not the least, it may cause physical pathology.


There is an organization that care and help hypnotiser. This organization is trusted and professional to perform legal action in terms of hypnosis. Through this organization, hypnotiser can enhance and improve their abilities in hypnotizing. They teach people to use this ability in good manner. NGH or National Guild of Hypnotists is one of the popular organizations that teach all about hypnosis. They are certified and licensed to perform this kind of activities. This is the opportunity for the people to learn hypnosis and develop your abilities and skills. They will provide training, guidelines and procedure on how to work in this kind of field.


In conclusion, hypnosis has an advantage and disadvantage to the hypnotiser. There is a way on how you can develop and learn this kind of mind techniques. Based on American Psychological Association or APA hypnotist has a huge role in the field of medicine. This association requires everyone to know more about hypnosis and understand what is all about hypnosis and how it works for everybody. You can search online or read books about hypnotiser. Hypnosis can be good or bad to the person that is why professional hypnotiser, association and organization require people to study about hypnosis. It will be more helpful for you to gain knowledge.






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BW – Introduction

Most of informations on brain washing on internet seem dating from the sixties, it seem necessary to give an update since brain washing techniques have evolved a lot this past 50 years


now it is very easy to hypnotize anyone with a drug similar to GHB and under hypnosys with the help of addicted drug, it is easy for a large organisation to turn anyone into a devoted slave in only a few months


The power of Brainwashing are now far beyond what it was possible to do in the fifties. Governements now use this technology for training senators, top rock stars, top Actors, etc..


Theses very powerfull methodologies open some new questions, specially on

  • right to use
  • Protection of people
  •  scope limits
  • futur of brain washing thechonoly


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How to take anyone in the “game”

imagesWhen the subject is depressed, near suicide, then the “game” can start.

First it start by hypnosis the subject, the GHB is helpfull at this point. Then under hypnosis it is necessary to order him to not talk about his to anyone, and to make him believe that the organisation will destroy him if he talk of what happening to him to anyone. Also we need to make him believe that nobody will believe this anyway.
Then let’s print in his brain to come back in hypnosis with some code, and to not remember what happened during the session.
Then it is possible to give him little drug before the end of the hypnosis session, so after the session he will think he is ill, because too much work for example. The day after he will wonder what happened but without understanding

Then we have a subject which can come back in hypnosis any time and he will not talk about this to anyone
So it is possible to work on him during hypnosis session. It is better if the company for which he work for is involved, so the sessions can occur at work

Having some ghb in the coffee before the sessions is helpfull  and help  to do the session daily, the subject will not consciencously know perfectly what is happening to him. He will be instructed to forget everything.

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Invisible BrainWashing – Subliminal invisible speech voice

original (1)When the subject is under hypnosis it is possible to order him to not “hear” some specific sounds, even after he is out of hypnotic sleep
When he will hear the sound , his consciousness will not be aware of at all.

It is required to record a speech, then to modify the record a lot with some electronic device to make the voice look like a waterfall
The voice must be dificult to understand , without attention it look like a waterfall.
Then under hypnosis the subject will be ordered to never hear at all all sounds like this.

Then the speech record is played later, while the subject is doing work for example. The speech words will be perceived at some inconscious level, but not at the consciousness level. The speech record must be played daily

Then the subject will start having sometimes some ideas similar to the speech records he was listening, but he will think the ideas come from him
He will start slowly going in a new direction without ever noticing someone is manipulating him.

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Invisible BrainWashing – Send the subconscious to a direction

528144e8b2fca_thumb900Repeating thousand time a speech, giving new ideas to someone is not enough to make someone change

Our decisions are guided by our subconscious not our conscious brain.
To make someone taking a decision differently, it is necessary to change his subconscious brain, not his “logical” brain

The potatoes example :
If someone do not like potatoes it is not because his body do not like, it is because when he tasted potatoes for the first time something bad was happenning (very bad news for example, bad situation, etc…) – then this preference is stored as a “knowledge” and will maybe never change.
So to make him like potatoes again it is possible under hypnosis to make him feel very weel , then make him eating some little potatoes. repeat 10 times. Then he will start like potatoes because he will remember to feel well while eating potatoes. So he may think it is eating potatoes wich make him feeling well. So he will think potatoes are good for him. Later if someone ask him to try , he may try and then he will remember what he learned 10 times, so he will fell well, then he will change his “knowledge” about potatoes.

A strong method to give subconscious “preferences” :
if we want to change an opinion about something , then stronger stimuli is sex.
If the subject is very confident with the hypnotiser, it is possible to make him feeling an orgasm “on order”.
First it is necessary to make him confortable feeling orgasms.
Then it is possible to associate feeling an orgasm with some phrase/words.
The word can be the name of someone, a company name, anything simple.
Later at a conscious level he will not remember the orgasm, but when he will think/hear the words he will think it is a very very good thing at subconscious level, and will act in consequence

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Invisible BrainWashing – Motivating without corrupting

For the hypnosis to work efficiencly it is necessary to motivate the subject at an inconscious level, to make his inconscious in our side
Motivation should come from sex and money

The subject will meet some girls while we tell him the girl is our friend, so he will start coming to our side
He can also meet a girl had sex with, then we tell him (not directly, without any proof but he must understand) she was a friend of us we sent to him

The subject want to buy a used car or a home, he had a very good price 30% lower, then we tell him the seller was our friend. He will remember always at an inconscious level where it come from.

When the subject need something, he must always at an inconscious level waiting an opportunity from us

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Invisible BrainWashing – Subject control with drug

images (1)To keep perfect control of the subject, drugs are very usefull

Under hypnosis we start giving to the subject some low addiction drug daily, The subject will not remember this, and will not know he is addicted. He will start like the hypnosis session more and more. He will expect sessions anxiously at an inconscious level.
The addiction must be low as a smoking addiction to remain not detectable at a conscious level.
Then, the hypnosis sessions are more efficient because the subject have immediate strong motivation to stay focused.
The drug give a nice effect to feel very well for a few minutes. Then after a few hours the subject start to feel a need (level like little smoking addiction) but do not know what it is consciensously.
One of the big groups of hypnotics are medicines called benzodiazepines (, such as diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam, and clonazepam. These are usually used as anti-anxiety medications, but they also promote sleep when taken in directed amounts. Such medications have short half-lives, are notoriously addictive

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Invisible BrainWashing – Subliminal Images

He must associate the image/icon strongly
It is possible to make him experiencing an orgasm while memorising this icon/image for example

Then when he will see the image/icon he will remember immediately what he have memorised

Then let someone install our modified version of the windows screen driver (Monitor.sys) into his computer, our windows driver will display the image/icon only 1/50 second on the LCD screen of his notebook regularly. The image will be read from a cloud server for security, so it is possible for us to control when the image is displayed and to change the subliminal image/icon displayed anytime, and the image is not stored on the subject disk for security.

When the subject will work on his computer the subliminal image will give him the feeling he learned, but he will not understand where the feeling come from.
His brain will make the feeling, but the image will diseapar before to be processed further and reach the conscious level.
It is then possible to give him some positive or negative feeling anytime remotely when he work on his computer

The human brain “thinks” as cycles of brainwaves, at approximately 8 “thoughts” per second

The eyes “see” 30 separate actions per second, but the brain only uses the “best” eight to send to the conscious mind. The subconscious gets the rest, subliminally and wholesale.

Subliminal stimuli (/sʌbˈlɪmɨnəl/; literally “below threshold”), contrary to supraliminal stimuli or “above threshold”, are any sensory stimuli below an individual’s threshold for conscious perception. A recent review of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies shows that subliminal stimuli activate specific regions of the brain despite participants being unaware. Visual stimuli may be quickly flashed before an individual can process them, or flashed and then masked, thereby interrupting the processing


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Invisible BrainWashing – Close doors

Close the door mean : Prevent the subconscious to think about/to want something

When it is necessary to force the subject to not think about something, this is what we call : close the door

To make someone taking a decision differently, it is necessary to change his subconscious brain, not his “logical” brain
The conscious brain is following the inconscious brain
Under hypnosys let the subject experience some fear while talking about what he must avoid to think
Repeating this 10 times
Then when the subject will start to think about his, he will switch automatically to think about something else. He will avoid this automaticcaly.

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Invisible BrainWashing – Hero motivation with drug

images (1)Under hypnosis we give to the subject some drug to make him feel like an hero winner
And at the same time we ask the subject to experience the situation we want he do later.

Then later each time the subject will think about this situation, he will see him like an hero.
He will run after this situation as much as after a beautifull girl to get the feeling again because he will not be aware that the real source of this feeling is drug, he will associate the feeling with the action he dreamed
One of the big groups of hypnotics are medicines called benzodiazepines (, such as diazepam, lorazepam, alprazolam, and clonazepam. These are usually used as anti-anxiety medications, but they also promote sleep when taken in directed amounts. Such medications have short half-lives, are notoriously addictive



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Invisible BrainWashing – Subliminal Sounds

To do the invisible brain washing and put more pressure every days , this technique is available in some situation

During a hypnosys session the subject hear a speech with headphone rythmed by very loud bass at some key point
The bass have a specific rythme.
The subject will hear several bass rythme repeated multiple time and will associate the speech with the bass rythmes

Then we have to play the rythm at a very low frequency like drum and at a a very low level, hardly or impossible to hear consciously
This sound is subliminal because others sound in the appartement/street are lounder and cover it, but the brain still can hear it and process it partially at an inconscious background level
The bass will be so low that only the inconscious brain can hear and process the rythm , but it is enough to give consciously to the subject some ideas from the speech and to let him believe it is his ideas

The visible version of the sound brainwashing :
While the subject is in his appartement, in the appartement next to him we will make some work repair noise with a hammer with exactly the same rythme
The subject will imediately think about what was told him during the speech and he will believe the ideas he is thinking about are coming from him

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Invisible BrainWashing – Invisible speech

originalIf two people talk at the same time and at the same level, it is possible to hear only one if we decide to focus on, then we do not hear the second person at all. But the brain will still hear perfectly both persons. The words can still be recognised by incouscious brains, not the complew sentences wich involve conscious levels to be undrerstood.
But recognising words are suficient here to brainwash

It is necessary to associate the keywords before, for example during an hypnosis session.

When our subject is speaking to someone else, for example in a restaurant, we can sit at a table near from him, then when they are talking together we can phone and say sometimes the keywords in our conversation.

This will make the subject feeling in relation to what he have associate with the keyword, also this will modify his conversation direction without he can be aware why

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Building superhuman – How ?

All governements have now a department to create top manager, top artists, ministers, top scientists etc…

They call this ‘a game’ , “we are saving them!’


there is several points :

  •  To make more clever (scientists, ministers,managers) : depress the subject. Depression increase the motivation and increase the IQ.
  • To make more clever (scientists, ministers, managers) : make little paranoid for several years. To be paranoid stimulate vigilance. On long term the subject will be more aware.
  • More dominance, leadership (ministers, managers) - make him virtually sodomised for several years. feeling weak and sodomized will create in the subject a strong desir to be powerfull and dominant. This help to create strong leader
  •  More clever (scientists, ministers,managers) : give him ghb while he work under pressure. GHB like alcohol reduce capacity temporarly, then working under GHB is more dificult, the subject increase his efforts to compensate, on long term it increase subject capacity
  • More clever, dominance (Artists) can be reached by harrassing the subject
  • harrassing will push the subject limits
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Building superhuman – Why ?

images (2)There is a few superhuman, lets say one for one million for example.
They have specific skills in one domain, for example music, physics, leadership, selling, mathematics, football, managing, etc…

Is it necessary to demonstrate the importance of theses people for a government, a company, a team…. example : a top singer can make billions in a few years for all the world benefit, a top manager can raise a company to the top world company, make billions and great products for all the world, etc….
The importance of having this people make the difference in a globalized competition world

This superhuman appear naturally randomly, but they are very rare. Some psychologist have studied the superhuman and searched the origins of this extraordinary skills, and they found them.
Then some others psychologist have studied how to raise the skills artificially and they found some way to do it.

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